The beauty of being a Destination Wedding Photographer I think it is the opportunity to meet many people, and visit the most diverse locations.

Every couple is unique, with their own wealth of experience, cultures and particularity. Just as every location has its own charm, its beauty, its style.

From the Venetian Villas that I usually attend, to the always fascinating Venice, the...

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Anna & Giovanni, Valentina & Matteo, Petra & Rudy, Ilaria & Andrea. It sounds like a call in class, but no. They are four wonderful couples that I had the pleasure of meeting recently.

In September I took a holiday in Boavista, an island in the Cape Verde archipelago. A virtually untouched place, with a still wild nature and a population whose motto is "No...

Boavista no stress foto di coppia in spiaggia Capoverde Fuji XT-2 wedding photographer fotografo di matrimoni foto di coppia

-A couple of lovers waiting for an upcoming wedding

-A location that is unique to say the least: the Rocca di Manerba on Lake Garda, to frame them.

-A discreetly crazy photographer (the undersigned) who skips around them and captures the most intense moments.

These are the premises of the Engagement service of Valentina and...

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A few days ago I gave myself a day of relaxation in the always fascinating Venice. I made the classic "giro dei Bacari" that all of us Veneti have done at least once in their life. On this occasion, I brought my trust Fuji XT-2 which, besides having a crazy quality, is really comfortable to have around your neck.

I did not have a precise idea of ​​what and how to photograph ... I told myself "oh well let us...

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