No, I didn't get married ... not yet at least. When it  will happen, you will probably be the first to know ...

"I married a vegan" is the title of a hilarious and highly recommended book by Fausto Brizzi that tells about his adventures after getting married to a vegan girl. It was the first book received as a gift from my partner who, coincidentally, is vegan ...

Looking back, I realize how my partner Elisabetta got her hands on giving me that book, a bit to make me immediately understand  what might happen living with a person who has made that important life choice.

Contrary to how common opinion tends to depict vegans, they are absolutely not crazies always ready to point the finger. Indeed, most of the time they are continually targeted by clichés, endless criticisms and discussions by those who necessarily want to convince them that eating a dog is wrong while a cow is right.

In the last two months, since the beginning of the quarantine, we have lived together practically 24 hours a day and the situations in which veganism has affected my daily life are manifold. I'm not here to dwell about it, I want to focus on photography.

Elisabetta is a chef and food consultant, she has an incredible passion and care for her job and immediately involved me in her personal project "From Vega With Love". We created a website (close to completion),, a Facebook page, and an Instagram, where she publishes about her delicious creations. And who could take care of the photos if not me?

So overnight I found myself to not only eat delicious dishes ... but also to photograph them. Obviously at home I cannot set up the same photographic set as I can do in the studio, but I have done my best to discover the secrets of food photography and to take pictures that make you eat with your eyes.

I must admit that when, for example, I saw on the plate the "Roman broccoli and wild garlic dumplings on cashew and macadamia cream" I could not wait to eat them ... but I held on to take a picture that was as much as possible worthy to such a delight for the palate.

And so, between a beetroot and avocado tartare and a cream of asparagus and coconut milk with 'bacon' shiitake mushrooms, I have enjoyed photographing food.

I must say that this kind of photography is giving me great satisfaction, of course, never like being able to eat these delights every day, but I am sure that in the future I will live up to the chef at home.

I leave you with some shots recently taken and a tip:  try to eat at least once in your life a vegan dish cooked by a vegan chef, you will love it ... a bit like I did.