Let’s start from another viewpoint. In some cases, you may need some time before choosing me. Why?

I’m a professional photographer, meaning that commitment is expected from clients too.
I’m demanding, and I love people and challenges that are demanding.
I prepare everything meticulously.
I don’t save on resources or time to deliver you the photo shoot of a lifetime. Consequently, I turn down requests primarily focused on saving money.

So why should you choose me in the first place?

Because I’m a professional photographer with a love for weddings. You can see that in what I do: beautiful wedding photographs.
I’m not the only one in a crowded, competitive market. But my attitude is peculiar to me and if that’s what you’re looking for, then we’re done. In other words, it’s very unlikely you’ll be happy with someone else.
How can you figure it out? Let’s meet, talk, exchange messages. Tell me about the two of you and your ideas, your wedding day or everything you want to have photographed.
Only time will tell.